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The main company business line includes purchase and subsequent resale of ecological fuels from biomass. Ecological fuels include primarily wood briquettes and wood pellets, tree bark briquettes and firewood. Biomass is one of the most promising renewable energy sources! Compressed wood briquettes and pellets are made from pure biomass – sawdust, shavings and washed tree bark.

This material is a wood processing by-product. In contrast to the traditional fossil fuels, the reserves of which are steadily decreasing and price is growing. Wood mass is one of the renewable fuel sources.

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  • Environmentally friendly
  • High calorific value
  • Low ash content
  • Low water content
  • Low storage area requirements
  • Feasibility of automation of the pellet firing process
  • Pellets as fuel offer a comfort comparable to gas heating
  • The energy in one ton of the compacted fuels is equivalent to that in 4 m³ of dry wood.


HOLZMARKET has become a direct supplier of fuel from biomass to the German, Austrian, Italian, Danish and Belgian markets, where fuels from biomass have a reasonably long tradition.

Wood-based fuels are highly environmentally friendly. They contain no binders, no sulphur, no halogens or heavy metals. The amount of carbon oxide released during the burning of this fuel does not exceed the amount needed by trees for their growth. In other words, wood fuels, in contract to fossil fuels, produce no greenhouse gases capable of causing serious natural disasters, as we can see nearly every day now.

HOLZMARKET buys and exports products of other Ukrainian fuel producers from biomass. We are able to deliver the ordered goods to your location owing to our dense network of logistic covering the whole Europe. You may, of course, withdraw the goods from our warehouse yourselves.

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